What is the Lifetime Plan?

The Lifetime Plan is for users that want lifetime access to all of the site courses for one low cost.  It allows you to have full access to all site courses.

What is included in the Lifetime Plan?

The Lifetime Plan includes access to all of the site courses, regardless of their standard pricing. This plan also offers free access to every new course added to the site, forever. The only access exception is our Certificate courses. Certificate courses are topic-heavy courses that present you with certification at the end of course completion. All courses are listed on the All Courses page. Certificate courses are indicated there as well.

Who uses the Lifetime Plan?

The Lifetime Plan is for members that want permanent access to all of our courses.  It's normally for the person that finds value in more than just a few courses over a single year.  If you average the cost of individual courses and their limited, one-year access, this plan may be for you.  Note that all newly added courses are included in this plan.  In the lifetime plan they're not.

How long can I use the plan?

You can use the Lifetime Plan as long as you wish. The Lifetime Plan offers unlimited access to all of our courses for life, including new courses we add at any time.  We'll charge you only one small fee for lifetime membership. If you upgrade from the Annual Plan to the Lifetime Plan, notify us and we will prorate the unused portion of the Annual Plan and deduct it from the Lifetime Plan price.

How do I pay?

We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and most credit cards. We will simply charge your card for the Lifetime Plan cost.

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